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Over the past few years there have been several online tools with funny names. It took me a few attempts to figure out what Glitch is. I suppose you could call it something similar to codepen, jsbin, or any other online tool. But glitch seems to be much more robust in that you can actually have access to a database.

Glitch is what I thought MySpace was doing to our generation. Giving children access to source code. I thought they were going to be so fluent. But maybe, that's just where my mind went. I saw what I wanted MySpace to become. Since MySpace was not that, I tried to articulate that as 4D blogging. At some point I'll port all my 4Dblogging notes over here.

Coding is so incredibly tedious.

This is an online profile that I am building on glitch. Whereas, with all other social networks, you are simply watching people post funny pictures. But here, I am creating content. Part of the reason for this post is because I am simply typing my thoughts on this platform. This place is modern enough to know that all this source code is mine. Very impressive! Not that I need to get these files, but I can back them up and put all this on a repo if I want.

But why go to the trouble of rebuilding a profile when it is Soooooooo EASY to make a profile and share it on [INSERT: advertised sponsored data tracking social network here]?

A few reasons

Nothing tastes as good as your own bread and butter

You have two options with you time. Spend it on things that are easy or spend it on things that are valuable.

Learning to code takes time and by forcing yourself to build your own profile, you have a reason to learn to code.

This is what i love about glitch. Glitch has removed so much friction from coding that i think this place is 10x better than it's competitors. Plus, glitch is created by a reputable and proven oftware company. This product is not based on ads, venture capital, or any other unsustainable (or unethical) business model. This product is as stable as they come.

Practice makes professional. if you want to get good at anything, you need to spend time doing it. I am writing this in real time on glitch. It is not perfect but I'm okay with that.

You can make it whatever you want. As of (june 6, 2018) glitch doesn't have a 'following' tab. But i want one. On other platforms, you have to submit a feature request and explain your case. Here, I just made my own following page.

Learn to code on Glitch!